Children's Boutique

Home of the famous cherry dress!


Since 1883, the Children’s Boutique at The Woman's Exchange of St. Louis has provided a venue for the sale of beautiful clothing and accessories handmade by industrious, deserving women. As these consignors struggle through difficult family situations, such as a special needs child, a handicapped spouse, a severely limited income or an unexpected financial burden, the proceeds from their skilled design bring financial independence, peace of mind and self-esteem. Thank you for contributing to an improved quality of life for hundreds of consignor families.


You can find more information about our consignors and their stories click here.


Please contact us at 314-997-4411 for ordering information, availability and sizing. Further sizing information for the classic cherry dress can be found here and for the classic cherry suit please click here. Please allow 4-6 weeks on all special orders.