The Woman's Exchange delivers its mission through two main programs: the Immigrant Training Program and the Consignment Program. Participants in the mission-related programming at The Woman's Exchange include individuals who may have challenging family situations, such as a special needs child, a handicapped spouse, severely limited income, or an unexpected financial burden. 


They may have struggled to find employment based on age, language barriers, a handicap, or a lack of “traditional” job skills, or have not had the resources to develop requisite skills for today’s typical business environment.  What they do have is an entrepreneurial spirit and age-old handiwork skills that they are proud to offer. The Exchange provides them with support, training, and materials at or below cost. The Exchange then houses, displays, and sells their beautiful hand-crafted items, paying back 70-100% of the selling price to the consignor, bringing them financial independence, peace of mind, and self-esteem.


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